Step by step in강남지중해.선릉지중해.강남디.지중해가라오케.유앤미가라오케.이브닝가라오케troduction of 'Comprehensive Needs Survey' considering the needs of the disabled블로그 사진Disability Policy Coordination Committee Presenting a vision of 'self-reliance society of disabled people'
Pension for the disabled is raised to 250,000 won in September and 300,000 won in 2021
The government has decided t강남지중해.선릉지중해.강남디.지중해가라오케.유앤미가라오케.이브닝가라오케o abolish the disability rating system, which provided services by dividing the existing six grades, from July next year. To this end, we 강남지중해.선릉지중해.강남디.지중해가라오케.유앤미가라오케.이브닝가라오케plan to implement concrete measures for the abolition of the disability rating system and the introduction of the comprehensive assessment tool step by step until the first half of this year.

On May 5, the government held the first policy coordination committee for the disabled in the Seoul government office under the presidency of Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon on May 5, and deliberated and confirmed the 5th comprehensive p강남지중해.선릉지중해.강남디.지중해가라오케.유앤미가라오케.이브닝가라오케olicy plan for the disabled (2018-2022) And the direction of the disability rating system. The 5th plan is to create a society in which people with disabilities can live independently. This is the vision of the society. The wel강남지중해.선릉지중해.강남디.지중해가라오케.유앤미가라오케.이브닝가라오케fare, health, education, culture, physical education, income, economic activity, , And 70 detailed tasks.

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