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In the safety assessment, the 종로마포홍대가라오케.노래방24시residential environment category is divided into 9 categories. The government will increase the percentage of the total number of parking spaces per household and the ease of fire activities from the current 37.5% to 50%

 At this time, the 종로마포홍대가라오케.노래방24시criteria for rating the number of parking lots per household has also been relaxed, and the minimum standard will be expanded from "less than 40% of current regulations" to "less than 60%."

According to the 종로마포홍대가라오케.노래방24시Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, the current number of parking lots is different according to the area of ​​private residence.

Therefore, if the number of parking lot종로마포홍대가라오케.노래방24시s in the apartment complex is one per household, it would be the lowest rate if the actual number of parking lots is below 0.4, but it will be the lowest if it is below 0.6.

The ease of firefighting is that the road width should be 6m so that fire trucks can enter the fire when the fire occurs. If the fire truck can not enter at all, it should be the lowest grade and the road width should not be 6m. Receive a low rating.

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